Glastonbury Festival of UK

Glastonbury festival is one of the famous festivals in United Kingdoms. The festival is combination of all arts, music, dance, comedy, circus, theatre, cabaret etc. Glastonbury festival is inspired by hippie ethics and is one of the free festivals in United Kingdom. The festival occurs in south west England, six miles nearby Glastonbury at Pilton and Somerset; in the last week of June every year since 1970. However, in 2012 there is no festive due to their fallow year.Every year around more than 1.5 million people visits to see and entertain this festival. Glastonbury festival was conducted by Michael Eavis, the owner of Glastonbury Festivals Ltd and the local farmers of Glastonbury till 2001. However, from 2002 onwards, a company Festival Republic has undertaken the job and responsibility of this festival.

Glastonbury festival is a combination of rock, folk, world dances, hip hop, reggae, and electronics. If you’re at UK or in tour to UK during June-July, then do not miss this opportunity to attend the great musical open show of Glastonbury. The organizer facilitates wonderful accommodations and other beneficiaries for the visitors; however you need to purchase the tickets through online before their mentioned deadline, at the official website: In addition, you can bring your own tent to rest in nights.

Some of the important facts about Glastonbury festival

  • You can register your name for the Glastonbury festival, here
  • Download the map Glastonbury festival site, here
  • Know the information for new registrants and previous registrants and basic ticket information, here
  • Get information about accommodation and camping at Glastonbury festival, here.

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