White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia

The White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia is an International Annual festival occurs in June to July of every year. The festival is organized by St. Petersburg City Administration. The festivals occurs mostly in night with various cultural activities, operas, ballets, dance programs, musical events, fireworks etc performed by mostly Russian artists and some of the International artists. During this, some of the international openings, mostly film festivals take place.
The most highlight of White Night Festival in St. Petersburg is classical ballet, opera and music nights from Russian singers, dancers, musicians and artists; Scarlet sail celebrations; a series of carnivals and international star’s performance in Palace square of St. Petersburg.

On the eve of White Night Festival, some of the famous theaters of St. Petersburg, Mariinsky Theatre and St Petersburg Philharmonic Halls are opens for top international musicians; who performs classical ballets, operas and music.

Palace square of St. Petersburg becomes a prominent place for international stars who performs music and concerts there. Scarlet sail celebration is a fabulous fireworks and huge performance, which reminds to end of the school year. Carnivals are also famous with huge sizes in Peterhorf; where number of historical facts and events are represented by actors in innovative costumes.

As a whole, White Night Festival in St. Petersburg is a complete tune of music, fun and devout or cultural recitals.


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